What is Net Metering?

If you are a solar system owner, you can add that energy to national grid station. This system is called "Net Metering". For example, if any consumer has a solar system in his house which generates more energy than he consumes at home, then he can apply for net metering. The electricity meter in a net-metered house works in a reverse way where (instead of consuming units) it can add credits that results in getting paid instead of paying any bill amount.

So, net metering is an opportunity to sell electricity that you can produce from solar or wind powered energy. The following graphic explains how net metering works:

FESCO Net Metering

Just like other DISCOs, FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) has launched net metering program in its region so that FESCO consumers could benefit from this opportunity. All kind of consumers (industrial, commercial and residential) are allowed to apply for net metering program.

How to apply for Net Metering?

You need a net metering license from NEPRA, then you can submit net metering applications at the FESCO office. Here are requirements of the Net Metering application:

1. Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement between Distributed Generator and Distribution Company (Schedule-I)
2. Standard Distributed Generation Application Form For Distribution Company (Schedule-II)
3. Application for grant of License National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) (Schedule-III)
4. Application for Exemption from section 24 of the Act (Schedule-IV)
5. Fee Schedule (Schedule-V)
6. Affidavit (On non-judicial paper) (Schedule-VI)
7. Generation License Template (Schedule-VII)
8. Attested copy of CNIC.
9. Copy of last paid electricity bill. (Name of applicant and name mentioned on electricity bill must be same).
10. Technical Data of components including solar modules, inverters, etc.
11. Schematic drawings, Single line diagram of the system 12. Site plan showing the location of the external disconnect switch.
13. Inspection Certificate from approved Installer.


  • Only consumers having 3 phase meters installed at their premises are eligible for a net metering facility.
  • The inverters must be of grid-tied type.
  • The maximum allowed capacity for the net metering facility is 1000 kW.

You can download related documents here:

Department SOP for Net Metering

Application Documents Required for Net Metering

List of Provisionally Approved Companies under AEDB Certification Regulation 2017

Reference No. Wise Detail of Consumers Availing Net metering Facility

That’s all about net metering, you can call FESCO helpline for more details. If you are looking for latest fesco bill, then you can visit our home page and check bill amount.